PO Box 70, Fort Defiance, AZ 86504
       Parish Office 928-729-5068            
Temporary Pastor - Fr. Pjey Pabatao  928-349-5278
Office Hours:  Mon -Tues 9-12, 1-4; Wed 9-12


May 22, 2022         Sixth Sunday of Easter


5-22     Sherri Toadlena
5-29     Paula Seanez (p.29)
6-5       Amelia Holtsoi

5-22      David Tsosie Family
5-29     Titus Toadlena Family
6-5       Marie Allen Family

5-22     Marie Allen
5-29     Br. Maynard Shurley
6-5       Angie Davidson                    

5-22      Deb Dineyazhe Family
6-5       Vicki Birch Family
6-19     Johanna Robbins Family


Prayer Intention(s) for week of                       
                        May 22nd – Lynette Reynolds Family
                        May 29th – Lorinda Roanhorse Family
                       June 5th – Graduates

Parish Collection        May 15th                       $423.40             Thank You

Faith in Action Today Appeal (FIAT) Please thoughtfully consider what you can give, even if you can only pledge $l and/or your prayers.  Each dollar and every prayer counts.   This is an ongoing process over the year of 2022.  Please take home the envelopes and pray about what you can share for this year.  Your donations are sent directly to our diocese.  Let’s give 100% parish family participation this year!

Prayer Support  If you or a Family Member are in need of prayers i.e. in the hospital, home bound, etc. please contact the Parish Office
at 928-729-5068.

Water with Blessings – See flyer on bulletin board for more info.  This is an opportunity to provide clean drinking water to anyone/family that wishes to use the filter.  A training is provided.  Please call Juli at 928-871-4171, ask at our parish office, or see Charlene Nelson for more information.

Parish Covenant/Address Update   If you have not yet done so for 2022, please update your contact information with the parish.  Forms are available on the table at the entrance.  Currently, about 1/3 of our parish families have updated their information.  Thank you.

The Food Pantry at St. Francis, Sawmill will be open May 24th and 25th from 10 am – 2 pm.  If items are needed at other times, please phone Rita Bia at 928-206-2853.  Donations are greatly appreciated.

Memorial Day Weekend In honor of your loved ones who have passed, we invite you to bring pictures of them to Mass on Sunday, May 29th and place those photos in the space provided before Mass begins.

Graduate Prayer/Recognition – If you or someone in your family is graduating from high school or college or is being promoted from 8th grade, please share those names on the list available on the entrance table.  We will have a special blessing at Mass on June 5th.

Applications for Franciscan Education Fund are available. If you have any children attending Catholic schools in grades 7-12, funds are available to help with the costs for education.  Ask the parish staff for an application.  Deadline is the end of June.

Catholic Engaged Encounter for the Diocese of Gallup is June 11-12 at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Gallup.  For more information, see the parish website or contact Marie and Randy Copeland at 505-726-2707,

Fr. Blane is celebrating his 60th Anniversary as a Franciscan priest this year.  He is in Cincinnati to celebrate with family.  When he returns, we would like to celebrate with him here at OLBS with St. Francis and St. Berard.  A few weeks ago, Sr. Zoe announced her retirement in August.   We also want to celebrate and thank her for her many years of ministry in our local parishes/area.  If anyone has ideas as to how to honor these two special people, we would like to have a brief meeting after Mass on June 5th here in the hall to share possible ways to do so.  All are welcome to join the planning process.  Please call or email ideas if you cannot be here on that day.

We are advised by the Navajo Nation to Stay at Home and to limit our movement if and when possible.  The status of the Navajo Nation has moved up to yellow.  People may gather inside so as not to exceed 50% of the maximum capacity of the building.  The Navajo Nation remains vigilant as neighboring states are reducing restrictions rapidly and new COVID variants are present.   Those vaccinated are increasing, but the Delta variant is on the rise.

Churches are opened on the Navajo Nation.
Please call your parish to find out the locations and times.
Continue to walk in beauty and safety.

Opportunities to pray before the Blessed Sacrament

St. Michaels - the church is open daily from 6 am-6 pm.  The outside door by the sacristy is open...please, use the ramp.


To contact Fr. PJey Pabatao, our pastor/administrator, please call Our Lady of Fatima in Chinle at 928-674-5413 or 928-674-5254.



Catholic Extension has given a special gift to the Diocese of Gallup and all its parishes and schools. Access for all the Diocese of Gallup entities is through the same portal on the #igiveCatholic site:   Select Parish, and Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament from the drop down list under Organization Name. 
The Faith in Action Appeal is also available on that same site.





Jubilee Books Available 
$10 donation

Monday 9-12 pm; 1-4 pm         Tuesday 9-12 pm; 1-4 pm
Wednesday 9-12 pm


May 22- Sixth Sunday of Easter 

May 29- The Ascension of the Lord

May 30 - Memorial Day

June 5 - Pentecost Sunday

June 12 - Most Holy Trinity Sunday

June 19 - Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi)




Special Collections

Faith in Action Today (FIAT) Appeal  in the Diocese of Gallup



Food Pantry at St. Francis in Sawmill will  be open May 24th - 25th from 10 am-2 pm

If you would like to donate items you can bring the items to church. (see list below.)  If you would like to make a money donation, put in an envelope, and mark it Food pantry. Put with the collection.  Checks can be made out to St. Berard.



Baking soda



Canned fruit

Canned corn, green beans, peas

Peanut butter

Canned beans

Canned chili



Macaroni & Cheese

Instant potatoes

Spam/corn beef


Tomato sauce

Boxed unrefrigerated milk




Hand soap
Baby wipes