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Parish Council

Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish
PO Box 70, Fort Defiance, AZ 86504-0070


Parish Council


OLBS Mission Statement

Our mission is to live and witness the gospel values in our community.  We value hospitality and have it as our trademark.  We provide a welcoming and strengthening community through liturgy, sacraments, instruction, support, and encouragement.
As the people of God, we reach out in loving concern for those in need, partnering with others in the community.

We recognize and depend upon the gifts of all.  We seek to enculturate the gospel message in our worship and instruction.
We implore the special intercession of Saint Kateri, St. Francis and St. Katharine Drexel.



The Second Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on the Nature of the Church and His Holiness Pope Paul VI in His decree on the Apostolate of the Laity speak to us about intensifying the apostolic activity of the people of God, particularly of the laity, to work in communion with one another to carry out the spiritual and temporal mission of Christ, that all may share in the saving redemption of God, the Father.

In keeping with that spirit, a Parish Pastoral Council should be designed to bring together the whole people of God, clergy, religious and laity for the purpose of relevant apostolic action. Through it, the Parish family should work together to coordinate and develop every aspect of the Church's life.

Article I - Purpose

Section 1. The Parish Council of the Church of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, exists at the behest of the Pastor and Parish Team to:

    a) Provide advice and consultation to the Pastor and Parish Team in carrying out the mission of the    
        Parish and in matters related to the Pastor’s responsibility for the effective operation of the Parish;
    b) Foster communication between the Pastor and Parish Team and the Parish community;
    c) Provide a welcoming and strengthening community through liturgy, sacraments, instruction,        
        support, and encouragement;
    d) Recognize and depend upon the gifts of all
    e) Seek to enculturate the gospel message in our worship and instruction

Article II - Membership

Section 1. All members of the Parish Council must be baptized, registered and active members of the Parish.

Section 2. There shall be up to ten members of the Parish Council. The ten members are comprised of two representatives of each of the five ministries of the parish, namely: Worship, Education or Evangelization, Social Service, Temporalities and Youth (WESTY). The Parish Team are “ex officio” members of the Parish Council.

Section 3. The pastor may constitute a Nominating Committee, with the responsibility of securing nominations for representatives of the Ministries and making recommendations for the appointment of members. The Nomination process takes place during a general assembly of all active members of the five ministries. The Pastor, in consultation with the Parish Team, appoints the ten members of the council based upon the outcome of the nominating process and the recommendation of the Nominating Committee. The members of the Parish Council are officially installed in a commissioning rite during the Sunday Mass.

Section 4. Members of the Parish Council shall serve a two-year term, to begin on June 9, 2019 and to expire on June 9, 2021, and may serve only for two consecutive terms, i.e., four years. An extended term will be at the discretion of the Pastor and the Parish Team.

Section 5. A Parish Council possesses a consultative vote only and is governed by the norms established by the Diocesan bishop (Can. 536, §2).

Section 6. All members of the Parish Council, including the “ex officio” members, exercise voting right.

Section 7. Removal of Members from the Parish Council

    a)  Any appointed member of the Council may be removed for cause, by three fourths
         vote of all members present at any regular or special meeting of the Council (at which a quorum is
         present), after at least ten days prior written notice that such removal action is to be considered. A
         full opportunity to be heard shall be afforded before any member can be removed.

    b)  Any member who misses three consecutive parish council meetings without being excused
         by the President will be presumed to have voluntarily resigned. The President will send a letter
         to the resigned member thanking him/her for service to the Council. If a member
         reinstatement, a simple majority vote by the remaining members can be taken
to reinstate a
         member who has resigned under these circumstances.

Article III – Meetings 

Section 1. Notice of all meetings of the Parish Council shall be posted in the Parish bulletin three weeks in advance of the meeting.

    a)  All meetings of the Parish Council shall be open to any registered member of the Parish, with a
         minimum of three-day prior notification to the Pastor who is the President of the Council.

    b)  Members of the Parish who are not members of the Parish Council may be recognized by the
         president to address a specific agenda item. An agenda item must be submitted in writing a
         minimum of three days prior to the meeting and approved by the Pastor and Parish Team.

Section 3. The agenda for meetings of the Parish Council shall be set by the President in consultation with the Parish Team. Items requested by Parish Council members for inclusion on the agenda for a particular meeting shall be submitted in writing or by electronic mail at least one day in advance of the meeting.

Section 4. A majority of the voting members of the Parish Council constitutes a quorum. A quorum consists of half plus one of the ten Ministry representatives, and not including the ex-officio members. Any recommendation by the Parish Council must be approved by a simple majority of the voting members of the Parish Council. Simple majority constitutes half plus one of the voting members present in the meeting.

Section 5. Minutes of meetings of the Parish Council will be approved at the next meeting. Minutes will also be made available in hardcopy to the members of the parish council and, upon request, to any active and registered members of the parish in the church office. A notice will be posted in the bulletin when minutes are available.

Section 6. Meetings will be held at least six times in a year and may meet more frequently as recommended by the Pastor and Parish Team or upon simple majority vote of the Council members.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1. The Pastor is the President of the Parish Council.

    a)  The President, in consultation with the Parish Team, shall prepare the agenda for all regular and
         special meetings of the Council.

    b)  The President shall assign two representatives from each of the five ministries to alternate as
         facilitator presiding over the meeting and as recording secretary to record the minutes of the

Section 2. A Secretary is elected by the Parish Council by a simple majority. The Council Secretary shall provide notice of all meetings of the Parish Council, maintain a written record of all meetings and acts of the Council, and publish minutes of all its meetings.

Article V – Ministries

Section 1.  Ministries are established to address specific needs or objectives of the Parish.

     a)  Worship Ministry participates in the call for evangelization by its witness of sharing Christ with
          others through liturgical worship.  It promotes and provides for programs of liturgical formation
          and evaluation.
    b)  Education and Evangelization Ministry assists, promotes, and supports parishioners in
         understanding that the entire parish community has responsibility for participating in the
         evangelization and teaching mission of Jesus entrusted to the Church.
    c)  Service and Social Action Ministry aims to share the love and compassion of our Lord in the
         community by helping the sick, the elderly, the poor and those suffering, giving opportunities to the
         less privileged, providing opportunity to empower indigent communities, and comforting the
         downtrodden in prison.
    d)  Temporalities Ministry takes care of the church’s physical structures and its upkeep.  It also ensures
        and maintains the safety of our parishioners.  This ministry, through the Finance Council, ensures
        that prudent practices are in place to safeguard funding for all ministries and inculcate a greater
        sense of responsibility and accountability among administrator(s), staff and workers of the parish.              It also instills the spirit of stewardship among the members of our parish.
    e)  Youth Ministry is the response of the Christian community to the needs of young people and the
         sharing of the unique gifts of youth with the larger community.  All ministry with youth must be
         directed toward presenting young people with the Good News of Jesus Christ and inviting and
         challenging them to become his disciples.

Section 2. The Parish Council and all its Ministries are units of service and not of authority.

Article VI - Vacancy of the Pastor

Section 1. If the Pastor leaves the parish because of a transfer, or death, all activities of the Council shall cease until a new, duly appointed Pastor or Administrator takes charge of the Parish.

Section 2. The new Pastor or Administrator should first seek counsel from existing Parish Council and should be reluctant to dissolve the council, but after careful deliberation with and consultation from the Parish Team may do so.

Article VII - Amendment

These Bylaws may be amended by the vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Parish Council and upon the approval of the Pastor and Parish Team.






Parish Council Members
    Delores Becenti, Alvin Wauneka
Education & Evangelization
    Marie Allen, Desiree Taliman
Social Services & Action
    Paula Seanez, Geri Wauneka
    Victoria Begay, Angie Davidson
     Cole Frame, Verenda Tsosie