DESCRIPTIONS OF VARIOUS MINISTRIES                                 


Eucharistic Minister: The Eucharistic Minister distributes Holy Communion either with the priest at Sunday Mass or by taking Holy Communion to home bound or those in the hospital.  There will be an evening of orientation for those who wish to share in this ministry.

Proclaimer of the Word: Those who accept this ministry will be assigned about once a month to proclaim one of the first readings in English or the gospel in Navajo.  They should be present by at least 9:15 am to prepare the book and to accompany the other ministers in the entrance procession.  There will be an orientation for those who wish to do this ministry.

Altar Server: Young people and adults who have made their First Communion may be an altar server.  They should be present by at least 9:15 am to prepare the altar and take part in the entrance procession.  There will be an orientation for altar servers.

Greeter:  This hospitality minister will welcome the people at the church entrance.  They should be present by 9:10 am.

Music Minister: Be willing to sing as assigned at Sunday morning Masses and to attend music practice with your group.  They should be present by 9:00 am and be willing to practice any unfamiliar music with the congregation.  They will also help provide music for special feasts such as Christmas and Holy Week as musicians (piano, guitar, organ or other musical instruments), cantors, or song leaders.

Liturgical Committee: Help with making decisions for church decorations, music, surroundings/environment, etc.  in preparation for major celebrations in church calendar year.  It is an opportunity to learn more about the liturgical year and ways to enhance our parish celebrations.

Church Cloths: Wash, iron, and fold purificators and corporals (cloths used at Mass).

Usher: Assist during Preparation of the Gifts to pass the basket for the offering collection; sometimes help in the back of church to distribute materials when needed.


Children's Liturgy of the Word: This ministry is with our young children, grades K-5, during the first part of Sunday Mass.  At the beginning of Sunday Mass, the young children go with a catechist to the downstairs prayer chapel where they listen and share about the same Sunday readings on their level.  The children return to church for the rest of Mass during the presentation of the gifts.

Religious Formation Catechist (Grades PreK-8): Religious formation classes are held weekly for students in grades PreK-8.  A catechist teaches and shares about God's love for us as well as helping the students understand what it means to be a Catholic Christian.  Parents are the PRIMARY people in the religious formation of their children and the catechists help parents with formal classes.

    Grades PreK - 8                Sunday morning (11:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

Sponsor for RCIA: Someone willing to walk the path of instruction and reception into the Catholic community with the catechumen. There will be orientation for sponsors.

Disciples in Mission Facilitator:  Leads a group of 6-8 people sharing about the Sunday scriptures during Lent.

LOFT: Living Our Faith Together is an inter-generational program for our whole parish community that gathers 3 Sundays a year after Mass until about 1:30 pm.  There are many opportunities to serve: MC, group facilitator, work with families with children, presenter, decorator, food coordinator, etc.


Sunday coffee and refreshments: Each Sunday morning after Mass coffee and refreshments are served in the parish hall.  This ministry involves serving the coffee and refreshments; washing the coffee urn and Igloo punch container; putting away the paper cups, sugar packets, etc. and leaving the parish kitchen in order.

Setup for Sunday refreshments:  Need to be at church by 8:45 to prepare coffee and punch, set out cups, napkins, creamer, etc.

Donate Refreshments for Sunday:  Bring refreshments – rolls, breads, cupcakes, etc. for about 70 people during the summer months and about 110 during the school season; coffee and punch provided by the parish

Provide transportation for Sunday Liturgy: Bring individuals with you who do not have transportation to Mass and take them home afterwards.  The parish can provide you with the names of people in need of rides.

Church Cleaning: Those taking part in this ministry will be assigned to clean the church.  There is a detailed list of cleaning instructions in the church.

Jail Ministry: This ministry is to be part of the group that visits the Window Rock jail on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 PM.  You talk to and pray with those in jail.  Training will be provided if needed.

OLBS Prayer Line: This ministry is to pray for the intentions that are requested and contact other members of the prayer line.  How contacts are made will be determined by the members of the prayer line.

Home Bound: This ministry is to visit those who are home bound either long term or short term due to sickness, surgery, weather, elderly, etc.; talk with them and pray with them.

Bereavement/Funeral Ministry: To assist at funerals, visit and pray with family members a few days after funerals.

Angel Tree Coordinator/Organizer:  Publicize and get names of people to give gifts to children who have a parent in jail at Christmas.  Deliver gifts to families.


Bingo Caller: is responsible for calling numbers for bingo.  Must be present by 5:45 pm so they can go over the bingo program for that evening.

Bingo Floor Worker: helps to sell specials


Youth Minister: Be available to work with the young people of our parish.  May include some driving to events on weekends, helping with local youth events.  This ministry involves youth at all grade levels.

High School: This ministry is with our high school students on Sunday evenings 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM.  It is part of their religious formation classes.  Various topics about our Catholic life are discussed and shared.  Confirmation preparation is offered for those not yet confirmed.  Service and outreach is encouraged as a component of the program.  Recreational activities and other topics of interest, ie, Native spirituality, etc. can be part of this ministry.


OTHER MINISTRIES: Please feel free to add any other gifts you are able to share with our parish family that are not listed on the covenant form.  Eg.  Snow Removal, Computer Services



Revised 9/19


New covenant/ministry forms


Please return form to church or parish office when completed.  Thank you.